AUTHOR POST: Christmas week

Ahh, the holidays! My update schedule has been a little crazy the last couple of weeks, and I apologise for that. Today's make-up post just isn't going to happen. I have to think really hard to even hit the right keys while I'm typing this, so another whole entry would just be a disaster, if I attempted it. I woke up feeling yucky this morning, so I slept a little more and went in to work two hours late. To make up for it, I stayed an hour later, then did some last-minute stocking-stuffer shopping, then when I got home, I went out to dinner with friends. Busy busy busy day! (And a little stressful, with all the snow that's been dumped on us. I HATE driving in the snow!)

The make-up post will be coming tomorrow (Tuesday). Since Christmas Day is Thursday, I'll be taking that day and Friday off, then updating Saturday and Sunday; not make-up posts, since it's a holiday. After New Year's Eve, I should be able to update pretty regularly on my Thurs-Sun schedule, barring out-of-town travel or natural disasters. Hang in there another week, and things will get better!

And I just wanted to say again that you are very welcome to use the comments to give me feedback, tell me about typos, discuss characters or plot or world stuff with me or other readers, talk to the characters directly, or whatever you want! (Though preferably keep it relevant to the story or writing in some way.) I would love feedback, and I would love for you, Dear Readers, to get involved in discussions with me and with others!

Come back tomorrow to see how Bernice fares in the next leg of her adventure.

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