I am in Heaven

Dear Reader! I am in raptures! I have been rescued from the Royal Erebos by none other than Jack Winters and his crew of the Grand Tourbillion! The very Jack Winters that, some say, won the war for us! The Jack Winters whose image I carry at all times in my wallet! The Jack Winters who is on posters and lunch boxes and the covers of sequential picture books detailing his adventures! I have met him face-to-face and oh! He is more handsome than any image of him I have seen! His teeth are dazzling, his eyes the perfect shade of blue, his hair blond and windswept! The Grand Tourbillion has no guest quarters, so he has given me his cabin! His very own cabin! And has made the sacrifice to sleep below with his crew. I shall describe my rescue later, as I am too excited to make sense right now! Farewell! I am off to explore this flying piece of history, and meet all the people I have read about and dreamt of for so long!

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