Is anyone reading this? I'm just feeling rather BLEH about it right now, and I'm wondering if I should take a break to work out some more plot, then just write it when I have time, and not post it on the internet. Having a set schedule does help me crank out the words, but I feel like the plot and characterization suffers somewhat because I'm usually "in a rush" to write the post for the day. I don't and can't take the time to think things through, to plan far enough ahead to insert things that need time to develop, to look forward and steer things in one direction or another. And when/if I do think of such things, everything's already been posted and it's too late to add them in further back in the story.

I do like the story and the characters. I do want to finish it and, at the moment, I do want to edit it and send it out eventually. I think it could make a fun book, and I think people might like it. I just... I don't know. I'm not feeling motivated to make myself write 1,000-2,000 words per day, four days a week, if no one even cares when/if it goes up on the internet to read. Maybe I'll just wait to show it off until it's in novel form a couple years from now. ;)

Sorry to be such a downer. I don't want it to seem like I'm begging for comments or feedback. I really, really appreciate those who've commented or emailed me. Really. And I suppose not that many people know about this in the first place, so I shouldn't expect much. I'm just not in the most bestest of moods, and not loving the story right now. Can anyone offer any help? Ideas? Anything...?


Anonymous said...

OMG I absolutely LOVE your book and read every single post every day! I have become a slacker in commenting but I do love your story! I read your blogs on google reader so ...well..... I might not show up in stats or whatever. I love the story (gee, have I said that 343098 times) but I understand that you want to write when you want to, not when you HAVE to. But I certainly don't want you to just publish it when you're done with it. I would be happy with a weekly posting that might be a bit longer instead of feeling pressure to just get it on the paper. But please don't stop.... PLEASE!

Jamie said...

Your story really interests me! I haven't had time to read any part except the first chapter, but it's something I'd definitely like to read all the way through one day.

For more readers, have you suggested posting your story on other sites too? You know, gather fans from all over the web? :] Fictionpress is an awesome site, in my opinion. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your story when you first posted it, and have continued to enjoy reading it. I would be sad to see you stop writing it just because you are frustrated with not having enough time to write and would gladly read just one update a week if it meant that you were still updating! Please don't stop writing it, it's wonderful!

Jean said...

I just found your blog site---haven't had time to figure out how it all works, but, so far---I'd say you need to keep writing as often as you can. The story is superb.
Not sure why you're feeling pressure to write EVERY SINGLE DAY, but perhaps with a little more time to plan and think through your plot, you'd get some inspiration and renewed passion for your story and characters. Keep writing.....You are gifted!

cher said...

Oh! I haven't had time to read - and my internet has been, well, sketchy lately. So, I was surprised - tonight- to see nothing new.
Don't leave us hanging NOW! Or, maybe back up as soon as they arrived at the cave or the proffessor''s house.

Anonymous said...

well, i think i'm rather late but i wanted to tell you that i've been catching up on all Bernice's adventures in the last couple of days and i'm so addicted!! now that you're into the story its like reading a real book, all edited and in working order to be sold on the shelf in stores everywhere! i will be all caught up soon and it will be a sad day when i come to the last entry and must wait for you to write more, which you just have to do!!!

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