AUTHOR POST: Sorry to get your hopes up

Here come the excuses again, and for that I am really, seriously sorry, but there's just no way a new chapter is going to go up for... a little while. At least a week. I'm being brutally honest, here.

It's about 9:30pm as I' m starting this post, and this is the first time I've had all day to sit down and write. I got up early to go to the clinic and pick up a prescription. I came home, grabbed my work stuff, then changed at work and was there til a little after 6. I grocery shopped, grabbed dinner, ate dinner, did my Wii Fit for the day and... now here I am, at almost 10pm (yeah, got distracted for a few...) about to BEGIN Bernice's story.

Because I didn't use any of my time off to write, of course. I took some notes about plotty stuff, but that's about it. But dudes, I've been busy! Every single day off from work I've had, I've either been out of town, or running around town trying to keep my husband and I fed and in relatively clean clothing. By the end of the day, whether I work my paying job or not, my brain is so dead it can't come up with anything creative. If I try to force it, it's utter tripe.

Tomorrow I work til 4, have a meeting at the college then (I'm starting school again in June), come back to work for a committee meeting, then I get to come home about 7:30 from that and cook dinner. After some Wii Fit and a load of laundry, BAM, it's 10pm again. Saturday is my "catch-up" day, and I'm also meeting my mom for lunch (and driving an hour to do it) since I haven't seen her for about a month, then church that night. Sunday I'm doing nursery for the 9am church service, coming home to eat and change, then working til 8:30. Come home, dinner, Wii Fit, BAM 10pm. I work Monday-Wednesday, too. I can't give up my "girl night" on Wednesday. I need some knitting and chatting to stay sane. So that means it'll be... next Thursday before I can write anything, unless I miraculously find some time on Saturday.

I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! If I could sit and write for half the day, cranking out chapter after chapter, I soooo would! If you all can somehow pay me as much as I'm making at my full-time retail job, I could quit that and stay home all day making up lovely characters and stories for your (and my) enjoyement. But until that day comes (HA!), I'm going to have to sneak in some writing whenever I can do it.

I'm not sure what this means for my Thursday-Sunday update schedule. As it stands now, I'll be out of town next Friday and Saturday, so there goes that. UGH! Why can't I just not have any social life, right? Darn those pesky friends and family members.

All this to say: I'll keep you posted. I'll write when I can, but I won't be able to get into a normal update schedule for at least a couple more weeks. Belive me, I want to write this story probably more than you want to read it. (Take that as you will.) And if this upsets some of you and you decide to give up on this novel, I don't blame you at all. I've done the same thing with other serial web novels/comics before. It happens, and it's your choice. Don't feel bad about it, and I'll try not to feel bad for disappointing you (even though I do!).

Wish me luck as I try and carve out a few hours here and there when I'm not completely brain dead in order to write more of Bernice's story. And for those of you who still occasionally click over here hoping for an update, thank you for your loyalty and patience.

P.S. Wow, I just re-read that and it was really rambly. What I was trying to say is that I technically have time to write, but when I get to a point where I actually have time, my brain is no longer productive. At least, it's incapable of producing anything anyone would want to read. So there's really no point in forcing the words if it's just drivel. Hopefully that's a little clearer, now.


Anonymous said...

As a student at university majoring in Literature, I am rather more familiar with the experience you describe than I would prefer. Unfortunately I can offer you no sound advice (would that I possessed a cure for this affliction!) but only one or two tentative suggestions.

If you find yourself 'burned out' by your energetic schedule, perhaps you could write in the early morning instead, moving your sleep back and taking to bed at about nine-thirty or ten o'clock. I cannot know whether you would find this efficacious (or indeed even feasible) but I thought that I should mention it in case it should prove of some use.

An entirely different possibility might be to license Miss Greenwater's diaries so that your adoring fans may take up for you, Dear Author, until you are ready to return.

F.B said...

Dearest Writer,
I am going to take advantage of my superior age and meddle and give you some unasked for advice. First, I know all the junk about being committed and writing on schedule everyday. I also know the great benefit of relaxation and rejuvenation and how it feeds the creative well. I am going to suggest that you through out the deadlines for awhile and quit persecuting yourself. I do advise that you write SOMETHING every day - blog, letter to the editor, creative personal TY note, 100 word comedy paragraph - anything. If you miss a day; don't beat yourself up. You are a worthy author, be good to yourself. I will also advise that you read something GOOD everyday - something written by credible authors - including yourself. Your muse will return in due time. In short, do not be idle.
Keep flexible. Love and care for yourself. Enjoy the detours (work and school) they make excellent fodder for later writing.
Feisty Berg, author

Jamie said...

^ Good advice all around. :]

I'll pray for your schedule to open up a bit, with more time for you to write, and for the creativity to start really flowing again. Whoo!

Anonymous said...

oh. well i guess that's that and i'm all caught up. what an absolutely wonderful story this is so far! and what a feat of writing stamina! i thoroughly enjoyed every sentence.

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Bernice...

I hope you are well and are able to find your diary to continue your story! I know times can be busy but there are people out here that still think of you :) EVEN FIVE MONTHS LATER!
Kindest regards,
Mistress Varady

~o~ said...

Mistress Varady,

I have not, in fact, lost my diary. My life story has actually been progressing at such an exciting pace that I have had hardly a spare moment in which to record my adventures. Rest assured, however, that I will pen them all in due time. I am simply bursting to share my story, and am gratified to hear that you think my life interesting enough to want to read about it. Fear not, Dear Reader! I shall return!

-Miss Bernice Sophronia Philomena Greenwater (Gardener)

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