AUTHOR POST: A Short Break

Okay, here's the plan. I'm going to take off until the 28th of January in order to plot and plan and develop and outline. The next entry from Bernice's diary will go up on January 29th, at which point I'll resume my usual Thurs-Sun update schedule. This past week that I haven't written anything has just been... a vacation. Me being lazy. But I'm going to start working on it now, for real! And if I can't get it outlined all the way to the end, I'll at least get a decent outline (several weeks' worth) and a vague idea of where I want the story to end up. (I never go into a novel knowing how it will end, really.)

If you've been thinking of reading all of Bernice's Grand Adventures, this break would be a good time to get caught up to the present! Then you'll have new entries four times a week to continue reading. If you're already caught up, I'm sorry for the long gap between updates, but I really need to take this time to plan what the heck I'm doing with these poor characters.

Once updates resume, you can look forward to seeing a few familiar faces, and seeing more Illumination in action. (I at least know that much!) Thank you all for your patience!


Jean said...

Good for you Miss Heather---taking a little time to think and plan is most generally a good thing. I'm hoping your short "sabbatical" is productive for you. Besides, I'm one of the readers that needs to "catch up" so, thanks for waiting for me!

Anonymous said...

I have missed you! When I actually have time to come over and check.

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